Sunday, 7 April 2013

A very easy and cheap to make Disney Countdown!

As promised, a new post!

Now it may not be long post but this is a very easy project anyway, it took me about 10 minutes to make at the most.

You will need:
- a frame. (I bought a large one from the charity shop for £1.25)
- scrapbook paper OR printables (I quicksearched google and found a bright striped one and printed)
- ribbon/buttons/other embelishments.
- drywipe markers

This is what I started with...

I'm sure it would be lovely for someone but I just wanted to 
take out the original picture and put my own in.

You can see from the picture below how Disney'ish the striped paper is, I think I just searched for scrapbook papers and scrolled through until I found one I liked. 
I then right clicked on it, selected 'save' and played around with the picture in an OpenOffice text document.
(OpenOffice is a totally free to download equivalent to Microsoft Word)
Once I'd configured how I wanted the stripes (I used a landscape page, and 2 pictures of the stripes side by side - if that makes sense) I wrapped them to 'background' and typed over the top in Waltograph font (also free to download, just google it).
I wish I had typed 'Sleeps to Disney' as that's how we always count down. I don't know what made me write Days. Oh well, never mind.

Anyway, once you have typed what you wanted and you're happy with how it looks, print!
Carefully take your frame apart and remove the original picture (if it has one, you may have bought a new frame). Slide your picture in there and carefully replace the back.
I was lucky I suppose that my frame also had a cardboard frame insert too, otherwise it would have been too big! So make sure your frame is the right size, I would say A5 or A4 would work best, A4 the bestest of all!
Then it's time to decorate. I raided my sewing box and found a few buttons that matched perfectly, and I had some leftover curling ribbon from Corey and Rio's Pirate Mickey birthday party last year. A bit of hot glue and some glue dots and below is the result.

Sorry about the crappy picture, it was evening time and I couldn't 
wait until the morning to take a picture.
I bought a pack of drywipe markers on ebay that had 4 different colours in but only the black one really shows up well on the glass. 
Today it is 84 sleeps until we drive to Disneyland Paris. :)

Below is the packing list I created last October for our November trip to Disney,
 it was so useful that I just had to use it again this time around. It obviously isn't just for Disney, 
it can be for any holiday/weekend trip. It's nothing fancy, just a table with text - very simple to create.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and are enjoying the sunny weather we're having in England, doesn't it make a nice change after the prolonged Winter we've had this year?

Lots of Love and Thank You for reading today,
Kaye xx

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Another Disneyland Paris road trip!!

Sooo, it's been a while.

Sorry about that. Life just gets in the way I suppose.

Anyway... we have another road trip planned, this one will be a little different as we are actually driving, as opposed to going by coach.

Already I am in Disney-Prep mode. My favourite mode ;)
I have list upon list of things we need to take, things we might  need to take, lists of clothes we need to get, lists of things I need to <try and find time to> make. Yada yada yada.

But really that's become the purpose of this blog, to show you the things that I make/do - it's basically a Disney blog!

I don't have any pictures uploaded right now but I will hopefully in the next couple of days - there aren't any projects as such but there's some ideas and a couple of printouts.

If I could figure out how to do a printable for you guys I would but I have no idea...

Right, I'd better go.

TTFN as Tigger would say.
Much love,
Kaye xx